Consumer credit: better understanding of different types of rates

Consumer credit facilitates the financing of many projects. But it is not always easy to find your way among the multitude of offers … and rates. Before taking out a personal loan, you must be aware of all the terms and especially the borrowing rates. Each interest rate is different, corresponds to a specific banking […]

Consumer credit: how to deal with the risk of over-indebtedness?

The risk of over-indebtedness arises when the level of the credits and the expenses that one has to pay every month reaches a critical threshold. The consequence is that one can end up in incident of refund, or even stuck to the Bank of France. There are, however, ways to deal with overindebtedness. Overview. What […]

Sliding sports: finance your equipment

Sliding sports are on the rise. Summer or winter, in town or in the mountains, snow sports enthusiasts can practice everywhere! Between technical and thrills, these sports attract more and more people. But to make the most of it, you have to equip yourself at best. The purchase of boardsports equipment has a cost that […]

Restructuring of corporate debt

Often entrepreneurs are in a position to no longer be able to follow the agreements made with banks or other creditors, either for the period of crisis in place, either for wrong business choices or for any other reason. In these cases it is possible to run for cover before it is too late through the institution […]

Mortgage loan: consequences of the 2018 crisis simulation

Since the beginning of the year, the Canadian federal government has introduced a new rule to be met before a mortgage is granted. Any borrower wishing to resort to an uninsured conventional mortgage must pass the stress test . Is it a drag on the purchase of a new home ? Everything depends. Here are […]

Promise to buy a house: to know before committing

The promise to buy a house is a document that is not lightly signed. The signing of such a contract has legal consequences. Here’s everything you need to know before you commit by signing the promise to purchase a home. With, the elements that will have to be included at your request to protect you. […]

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